Flore Nuit D’Hiver Review




Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.

Helen Keller

Fragrance is among the most transportative experiences in our sense landscape. It is so personal and has such a potential for creating spacious moments of relaxation during an otherwise busy day. I suppose it does fall into the category of makeup by default but think about it… perfumes can have so many potent benefits when it is not laden with phthalates, alcohol and other synthetics! A high quality natural perfume is much like a therapeutic essential oil roll-on in gorgeous packaging. These benefits reach far back into other cultures where sacred resins or oils such as Myrrh, Frankincense and Rose were highly valued alongside gold and other precious materials.

Perfume also tells a story, helps us communicate who we want to be to ourselves, and who we are to the world around us. This ability to communicate a certain character or history using only natural distillates is what makes Flore Botanical Alchemy so special.

“A high quality natural perfume is much like a therapeutic essential oil roll-on in gorgeous packaging.”

About the scent

Think of walking in the deep woods on a cool, dark day after fresh rainfall. You kneel down on an earthy patch of moss to smell a sweet flower blossom.

Ambiguous, subtle, moody, complex, grounding, earthy

This delicate balance of deep base notes with light, energizing orange & bergamot makes Nuit D’Hiver an incredible scent for any time, mood or occasion. Having said that it is especially conducive to the colder months. It is light enough so as to invite a reapplication mid-day, and not overwhelm the palette of anyone sensitive to strong fragrances.

Packaged in durable and high quality Miron violet glass, the small vial is optimal to throw in your everyday purse or carry-on luggage so you can enjoy the luxury of natural fragrance even when on the go. One last note is that these perfumes are highly concentrated and can last a very long time. I had my first bottle of this elixir for just under two years! While I did alternate with other scents, this still makes it an outstanding value.

About the Brand

We truly do vote with our money. With all the green washing out there its important to also help support independent, local retailers who are bringing back what it means to craft artisan products with integral ingredients. The creative mind behind this beautiful line of potions & fragrances also has an artisan perfume shop in Victoria, BC. Be sure to pop by next time you visit!



Image credit: www.flore.co @flore_botanical_alchemy