Cacao Freezer Fudge

This is such a yummy snack to have with coffee or for a quick afternoon pick me up when that sweet tooth hits! Finally, a chocolate fix that is one hundred percent guilt free…

Full of naturally energizing, high fiber and magnesium rich cacao, healthy fats, with myo-inositol for blood sugar balance and maca root powder to help support adrenal health.

Start with equal parts:
Coconut oil
Almond butter
Peanut butter
0.25 cup Cacao butter, finely chopped
0.5 cup Cacao powder
1 scoop Hemp or Rice protein
Maple syrup or Monk fruit drops to taste
*optional but highly recommended*
15g inositol powder
2 tb maca root powder

2 tb coconut oil cacao + 2 tb maple syrup

Freeze until solid and cut into slices. store in fridge or freezer. Defrost for 20 minutes at room temperature before eating, if storing in freezer.

This recipe is ideal for scaling up to make a big batch to freeze. Simply double the above ingredients, and definitely have some fun playing around until you find the perfect version to meet your needs!