What is Real Wellness?

Recently I have been reflecting on just under 7 years in the wellness industry and without a doubt I have made some very interesting findings. In my own health, for sure. But far more so in observing the movement at large.

Regardless of how passionate we are in starting a lifestyle change the momentum of a new beginning can only be sustained with the shared passion provided by a supportive community.
Just yesterday I was reading about an island in Greece, called Ikaria, which boasts among the highest number of healthy people over 90 in the world.
The journalist diving into years of research had no extreme findings to report. People share food, nap frequently, share their wealth, drink plenty of local wine, coffee and wild herb tea. They live in the sunshine do not hurry and enjoy their lives as they actually are.
There is a lesson for us all in reports like this. Because true health is not something that you can buy or earn no matter how much you may want to.
So slow down, integrate what you know, and enjoy the blessings you already have.

When it comes to the larger picture of our health as a society one thing I am certain of is that the great people who are bridging the gap between Integrative, Naturopathic and Allopathic medicine are our future. Organizations that support research into as well as education around orthomolecular nutrition, integrative care and alternative therapies are truly the sources we need to look towards when it comes to the future of medicine.

So where does that leave the rest of us? If you’re not a doctor what role do you have to play? One key answer is quite simple: influence those around you by demonstrating good habits to the best of your ability. This may not seem like a lot but in truth it’s one of the best things you can do. And over the course of many thousands and hundreds of thousands of people’s lives this will truly make a difference.
I mentioned at the beginning about my own personal path and I feel my teachings here are likely quite a bit simpler than most may think.

Read on for My Real Wellness Tips

🌿 With rare exception, your conventional doctor is much more educated in what medication COULD work for a single symptom, than alleviating the root cause of the symptom that is the actual cause of what ails you. It is not their fault per se but rather a factor of the system they operate within. Be your own advocate and do your research!
🌿 Avoid polyunsaturated oils (Corn Canola Sunflower Cottonseed etc) as they are industrial by-products which don’t taste rancid when spoiled – great for the industry! Not great for your body.
🌿 Limit your sugar intake — as hard as that may be. Try to make healthy dessert options at home instead, you might be surprised how easy and fun it can be!
🌿 Eat an abundance of fruits, vegetables beans, fresh as you can get them
🌿 Move and breathe often — your body will notice and thank you in kind
🌿 Buy better supplements even if it means taking less products overall
🌿 Eat with people you love, take pleasure in every meal, chew your food and last but not least…
🌿 Buy the best animal products you or your family can afford. If that means eating half as much meat then so be it. Feeding into the industrial animal-agriculture system isn’t helping anyone, and goodness knows if you owned an animal you wouldn’t treat it that way. It’s only a depersonalized system that is trying to meet consumer demand that will strip these beings of their dignity.

At the end of day our optimal nourishment comes from so many factors that play a huge role in our long term health & wellness. Staying connected with those we love, getting exposed to the fresh air and sunshine we need! And being relaxed enough to understand when our body is giving us the message to slow down.

Here’s to making 2020 your healthiest year yet!