Everything You Need to Know About Juice Cleansing

The weather is finally getting warmer as beach, and wedding, season is starting to dawn on us all. Juice cleansing might seem associated for many people with losing weight – yet in all truth this process is far much more about attaining optimal digestive health than finding a quick-fix solution for weight loss.

Read on to learn my top tricks for a successful and balanced juice cleanse protocol:

Benefits of Cleansing

A well timed, properly managed juice cleanse can be health supportive in so many ways:

  • Help to reset our cravings and habitual ways of being around food

  • May increase energy levels following the cleanse by assisting in the detoxification of our hard-working elimination organs

  • Ease the transition between seasons in a healthful manner

  • Create an up-leveled appreciation for the inherently sacred nature of our food

Body Types

Yet as lovely as this all sounds juice cleansing may not be right for every single body type. The raw, cold nature of vegetable juices can aggravate someone with a high Vata constitution, during an already cold and wet time of year or to anyone who may be experiencing a temporary Vata imbalance.

I usually recommend a one to three day Kitchari cleanse (sometimes spelled Kichadi) for Vata body types, or those wishing to cleanse during the cooler winter months. There is an excellent article and recipe on one of my favourite blogs, My New Roots, if you’re curious to learn more.

Seasonal Clearing

Seasonal cleansing is a wonderful practice that is a pillar of many ancient medicine systems, including Ayurveda. The time between winter and spring, and between summer and fall are both excellent windows to reset with a cleanse. Keep in mind the temperature and nature of the season at hand when choosing your next seasonal cleanse.

Preparing for your Cleanse

Support the body in the lead up to any cleansing protocol by incorporating more light, easy to digest foods such as organic steamed vegetables and either reducing or eliminating caffeine, alcohol and processed food. Using this approach for about one to two weeks ahead of a juice cleanse can help create a far more enjoyable experience as the shock to your system will be far lessened.

Attitude of Gratitude

During the cleanse, attitude is everything! I always remind myself of just how lucky I am to have the option to proactively cleanse my system using high vibrational, organic juices. Not everyone in this world has access to such an advantage.

Try repeating a positive affirmation while opening or consuming each drink on your cleanse. It could be something simple like “I am grateful for this opportunity to support my body” or maybe something more specific that pertains to your unique health journey. This shift may seems subtle, but it can truly re-frame the body’s perception of consuming a liquid meal.

During the Cleanse

As you are very likely to be going about with a relatively busy lifestyle, remember to listen to your body through this time. A light workout or yoga class may feel very supportive – but it also could be too taxing. Remind yourself that the body is using much of its energy on detoxification so a few rest days away from the gym can assist this process if needed.

Here are a few ways I recommend for keeping energy levels shining throughout your fast:

  • 1-2 oz E3 Live

  • Spirulina or Chlorella powder in filtered water with a squeeze of organic lemon

  • Royal jelly capsules or B.LXR Brain Fuel shots

  • Ginger turmeric shot

  • 1-2 oz freshly juiced wheatgrass

  • Lots and lots and lots of fresh, filtered water – you need more than you think!

Homemade mylk in the evening is also a really lovely way to unwind. Pumpkin seed or hemp seed are easiest to digest since they are derived from seeds as opposed to tree nuts, and they carry such a high content of beneficial minerals and amino acids.

Quality is Imperative

Using organic only is so important! This cannot be stressed enough! Whether choosing to buy juices or make them at home, opt for organic only produce. Juicing conventional produce will optimize the bio-availability of pesticides in the vegetables and fruit being used.

In Vancouver, Glory Juice Co and Wilder Juice are my personal favourites right now. Glory has multiple locations and will even provide local delivery to your home or office.

Breaking the Fast

Follow a very similar (or perhaps the same) plan as the weeks leading up to the fast.

A homemade vegetable soup is an ideal first meal. Try to avoid any rich, high fat foods or animal based protein for the first few days as the system will still slowly be getting used to solid foods again.

Menu Ideas:

Freshly squeezed orange juice ~ Homemade vegetable soup ~ Green smoothies ~ Salads with homemade dressing ~ Homemade green avocado pudding ~ Kitchari with rice or quinoa

Here is an example summertime fast protocol:

Day 1-3: Fruit and vegetable juices, with a pumpkin seed mylk elixir in the evening

Day 4: Green juice in the morning, smoothie for lunch and big salad for dinner

Day 5: Smoothie for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch, salad with protein for dinner

Day 6: Back to regular meals with an emphasis on high water content meals, especially for breakfast and lunch

Keep in touch! Tag @ritual.wellness on Instagram with any questions or to share your cleansing experiences ♥

Happy sipping xox