The Art of Facial Rolling

Healthy, glowing, clear skin is more just than the best accessory.

While we don’t always think in these terms, the skin is in fact our largest organ. Great skin happens to be among the many things that money cannot buy.

The reality is that a healthy complexion starts from within! From our skincare and beauty routine to the clothes we choose and the lifestyle we follow, natural skincare is a truly holistic expression of our inner harmony.

Facial rolling is the ancient practice of routinely applying pressure to the face that may help with many facets of our health, including:

  • Increase skin elasticity

  • Promote collagen production

  • Support lymphatic drainage

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines

  • Reduce appearance of dark circles

  • Improved delivery of skincare products and nutrients

While these little devices may look a bit intimidating, facial rollers are actually one of the most inexpensive yet effective additions to any beauty routine.

Another advantage to rolling is when we invest in the right tools, they will last much longer than any fancy new facial oil, exfoliant or toning spray.

As with so many trends these days, these are simply WAY too options! Which is overwhelming to the uninitiated who just want to look and feel their best… without spending a whole paycheck on unnecessary gadgets.

Check out this Quick Guide to help you pick out the right roller to amp up your beauty ritual, with money leftover for the many other important things life has to offer, like fancy coffee… and rent.

The Jade Roller


At this point we’ve all seen a few highly aesthetic photos of these rollers online. But there’s much more to these than making you appear up on the latest trends! Jade rolling is said to stem from a centuries-old skincare practice favoured in many parts of Asia.

The Practice

Use for about 2-3 minutes minimum once a day. Place in fridge or freezer for an hour or so before use to enhance the naturally cooling effect of the stone. The preferred motion for this tool is a gentle stroke, moving upwards and out. Best used immediately after applying oil or moisturizer, as rolling can help optimize absorption of all those amazing botanical ingredients!

Where To Buy

Beware of any shop or online store that’s selling them a little too cheap, for as in all things, you get what you pay for. Just be sure to do some research and read reviews before you buy. I love this one from Herbivore!

The Rose Quartz Roller

Generally quite similar to the jade roller in its benefits, Rose Quartz has its own unique qualities as a stone.

Energetically Rose Quartz is believed to raise self-esteem, decrease stress, balance emotion and support self confidence. Plus they’re pink, nuff said!

The Multireflexology Tools aka Dien Chan Beauté

Other than being exquisitely beautiful, this range of reflexology tools (a selection of which are shown above) are all unique in how they can address skin issues. Designed by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, a Master Acupuncturist from Vietnam, who developed them for his own practice. They offer some benefits usually associated with acupuncture and acupressure in an accessible at-home regime.

Take it Slow

A kind word of caution: there’s a whole universe of Multireflex wisdom out there, including many practitioners who use these as part of their reflexology practice. Try not to get bogged down with too much reading ahead of time!

Use intuition to select your first tool, just like selecting a precious crystal. Start with integrating just one tool into your regular routine. The most popular starter tool is No. 206. Having said that, my personal staple is the No. 252 beauty brush. Its compact design makes it easy to carry along for a quick energy reset.

The Practice

The really amazing thing about these is how empowering devotees find this process. It helps us cultivate our awareness of subtle changes in the body on a day to day basis. Most of the tools feature a yin-balancing and yang-balancing side AKA cooling/calming vs. heating/stimulating. Whichever side feels nourishing on your skin helps dictate which energy need more balancing in that moment.

Aim for 2-3 minutes per day, per side of the tool. You can safely practice up to twice a day, as long as that feels realistic for your lifestyle. Multireflex tools are best used on dry skin, just before applying any product. Feel free to experiment with misting your face with toner beforehand to enhance the relaxing effect.

Where To Buy


Crystal Rollers

In Vancouver

Harlow Atelier carry a curated selection of the tools

A note for vegans… Multireflexology International makes their tools from ethically harvested animal horn (ie NOT a by-product of slaughter, the animals naturally shed the horns) and medical grade stainless steel